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The Basics

Here's something I often hear when I knit in public:

“I took a knitting class once, but I couldn’t do it.”

Knitting is awkward and difficult for almost everyone at first, and if you take one class or lesson and then go home and leave your yarn and needles in a bag, whatever you've just learned isn't going to stick.  I always tell my students that they need to practice what they learn at least 15 minutes every day until their next lesson if they are serious about learning to knit.  If you can commit this time to practice, building your muscle memory will make it begin to feel more natural and comfortable, and that's when the enjoyment starts...

Learn to Knit

Includes Casting on,

Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, and Binding off

3 sessions ~ $90*



Moving Forward

Octave Shawl.jpeg

“I knit things like scarves and washcloths, but nothing more complicated than that.”


Most learn-to-knit classes will teach you the building blocks of knitting.  A lot of people who find they enjoy knitting get stuck at this point, wanting to move on to projects that involve more complex skills but never push themselves further.  I call this "the Scarf Zone."  I am available to help you build your skills and your confidence!

Build on Basic Skills

Reading Patterns

Fixing Mistakes (and When to Rip Back)

Increasing and Decreasing


Learn About Different Fibers and Tools

$35/session or 3 sessions ~ $90*


Baby Steps...

“I started a baby blanket when my friend was pregnant.  Her kid is in kindergarten now, and I never finished it.”

Okay, I totally get the baby blanket thing.  You've just learned to knit, you're excited about the impending arrival, and a blanket is flat and simple.  But even the smallest blanket is a lot of plain stockinette or garter stitch for a new knitter!  I'm not surprised a lot of these projects never get finished.

The great thing about baby things is that they are tiny, and there are simple patterns you can tackle with a little assistance.  Let me help you make something for the little one that you can finish while he or she is still little!


Hoodie Shawl Cardigan_edited.jpg
Ruby's Sweater.jpeg

... to Knitting Your Dream Project

"My mother had a shawl I loved.  I wish I could make one like it."

"I saw the most beautiful sweater..."

"I've always wanted to learn how to make socks."

Knitting is made up of knit stitches, purl stitches, and lots of practice.  If you know how to knit, and there's a project you're dreaming of, you might not have all the skills you need to make it right now, but I can help you make a plan to get there.  Whether you want to knit for yourself, make gifts for friends and family, or immerse yourself in charity knitting, I would love to help guide you to achieving your knitted dreams.


Project Planning

Learning Advanced Skills

Yarn and Pattern Selection

Learn Colorwork, Lace, Cables

& other Techniques

Sweater Basics

Sock Basics

or anything else you want to learn!

$35/session or 3 sessions ~ $90*

*Typical session runs 2-3 hours.  I can provide tools (knitting needles at cost if you decide to keep them) or advise you on their purchase online or at local stores (I am not affiliated with any knitting supply businesses).  I am willing to meet in Vacaville, Woodland, Sacramento and other places within similar proximity to my home in Davis for knitting sessions.  In-person instruction only.

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